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Thanks to an article in the current issue of School Library Journal, I’ve been getting plenty of emails about library blogs that I never knew about. Welcome, SLJ readers! Don’t forget to let me know about your library’s blog if it isn’t already on one of the lists. Cheers!

promise #2: check

The bibliography is up to date and in order. As I mention on the page, if you want to keep up with the new stuff that gets posted to the bibliography page, your best bet is to subscribe to the furl feed. New articles get furled first. There. I feel much better now.

weblog webliography

The bibliography of blogs & libraries I have been maintaining on this site over the past couple of years is sorely out of date. That said, it’s part of the May Action Plan to update it, and the Long Term Action Plan to maintain it better. Today I found this: A Weblog Webliography [via] that [...] | - тут виза в великобританию сроки без проблем. Всегда. | Get voip calls to pakistan more info look at

the book? it’s out

So, the book that spawned this little blog in the first place was published last month, and I completely forgot to post about it here! Imagine that. My chapter, (chapter 3, “The Library Blog: Serving Users & Staying Relevant”) is, not surprisingly, devoted to a discussion of the ways in which blogs & RSS can [...]

more fun with furl

You may have noticed the “recently added” list over on the right. I’ve started a furl archive of articles about blogging/rss & libraries and the most recent 5 added to the archive display on the right. Plan is to convert the existing bibliography to furl too. Here’s the feed for the archive, if you’re so [...]

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