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il 2006: Using Ethnographic Methods to Know your Users. Judi Briden, Katie Clark, Isabel Kaplan

I missed the first five minutes of this session so I didn’t get the background details, but from what I understood, the presenters were involved in a study to explore the way undergraduates complete their assignments, from the time they receive the assignment to the moment they hand it in. This was one of the [...]

il 2006: Cultivating Tech-Savvy Library Staff: Competencies & Tips

Sarah and David presented a kickass session on technology competencies and keeping techies happy. The have both made their presentations available online (Sarah’s is here, David’s is here) so instead of recapping the stuff I noted from their slides, I’ll recap the highlights for me: Technology Competencies: a Path to Training, Sarah Houghton-Jan Sarah talks [...]

il 2006: Helene Blowers on Learning 2.0

If you haven’t already heard of or checked out Learning 2.0, go now! During her half of the session, Helene talked about this learning programme (note: it’s not a “training” programme!) as a way to introduce staff to new technologies, encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning, and reward them for taking the [...]

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il 2006: Library 2.0: On the Issue of Trust, Michael Stephens

This was the first session on Monday morning and Michael introduced 6 things we can do to get to Library 2.0. Unfortunately, I missed the last two of his six things (!), so here are the first four. I’m sure you can come up with the last two (if not more) just by reading Michael’s [...]

27 Oct 2006


conblogging, a week later

The mister and I have had a few days of sunshine & fresh air, so I’m now ready to get back to my notes and add some of my IL conference content here. Yes, 5 days later, how supremely helpful! As I mentioned before, I didn’t do a lot of conscientious note-taking, so much of [...]

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